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The Penturners Email List is a place to share information on pens, pen turning, other small turning, and whatever else strikes our fancy! If you have not joined, you should! You can use the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question? Then check out the most commonly asked questions and answers that show up on the Yahoo Penturners Group.

Equipment needed to make Pens and Pencils
So you want to make Pens and Pencils? Check out the list of equipment you will need.

Alternative materials
If you can put it on a lathe you can make a Pen out of it. Check out some of the unique materials people are using.

What else can I make on my lathe?
So you have made 100's of pens and pencils and you are ready to try something else.

Check out some of the other projects you can do on your lathe (under construction).

Check out the Articles written by members of the Yahoo Penturners Group!

Coming Soon How to make a Texas Pen

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